Friday, 8 February 2008

State Cannot Function Without Political & Military Policing


The sight of heavily armed British police manning checkpoints across the occupied six counties is proof that British rule can only be implemented through political policing and force of arms.

In order to protect the illegal six county statelet, the RUC/PSNI are clearly acting in both a political and a military role, roles which nationalists were led to believe during last years policing debates were not acceptable to Provisional Sinn Fein.

Raids across the six counties by the RUC’s special branch, directed by British military intelligence further illustrated the inherently political/military nature of British policing in Ireland.

Martin McGuinness’ feigned ignorance of republican separatist strategy in Dundalk at the North/South ministerial council meeting fails to take into account that heavily armed British military personnel are on our streets backed by a heavily resourced British military intelligence machine.

Anyone who believes that the British Army withdrew the bulk of their forces from Ireland because of a victory for republicans need only look at the events of the last few days and draw their own conclusions.

The operations by the RUC/PSNI are not new to republicans, raids, stop and searches and checkpoints have been ongoing for years but this recent high profile publicity stunt is just visual proof that the British state in Ireland will revert to type if under threat.

That the first and deputy first minister of the British administration in Stormont should call for the public to inform on republican separatists is a predictable reaction from British ministers however due to the ongoing criminalisation policy against republicans we in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement would urge all republican activists to be wary and remain vigilant in the coming days and weeks.

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