Saturday, 21 June 2008

32CSM Protest At Cork Award To John Major

A protest from members of the 32CSM and RSF greeted John Major as he arrived in Cork for his acceptance of the Freedom of the City. The Union Jack flew over City Hall, a fact welcomed by the former British Premier.

Cork 32 County Sovereignty Movement
Statement Re: Freedom Of City to Former British Premier John Major

It is with a sense of both despair and disgust that the 32CSM in Cork greets the news that former British Premier John Major is to be given the Freedom Of The City for his purported contribution to the so called peace process. Despair for the fact that a former Lord Mayor of Cork gave his life on hunger strike in protest against the British occupation of his country and disgust that such an award is now given to the successor of Margaret Thatcher who displayed equal contempt to Irishmen resorting to hunger strike for the same objective. Has partitionist politics taken such a deep root in the affairs of Cork City that nothing is deemed wrong in offering the Freedom of Cork City to an individual who steadfastly denied the people of Cork City the freedom of their own country? Ireland can never be at peace whilst John Major’s Parliament violates our national sovereignty through its continued activity in our country. The so called peace process has copper fastened partition and those who contributed to it are more deserving of a British Royal bauble for their efforts than they are to the freedom of an Irish city.

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kerryman71 said...

The fact that Union Jacks were also flown nauseates me even further. Have the people of Cork forgotten what was sacrificed and is still being sacrificed in the fight against an unjust illegal occupation by Brit forces.

Kudos to 32 CSM for showing up and protesting this disgusting award.

Slan go foill,

John King
Worcester, MA USA