Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ballycannon Remembered

Early on the morning of April 23rd. 1921, six members of 'C' Company, First Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade were massacred by a party of Black and Tans and RIC at a farm at Ballycannon, Clogheen, just outside Cork city. They had been Discoverd Sleeping in a Barn and then rounded up and shot. The Owner of the Barn Cornelius O'Keeffe had seen what had happened and swore that the sixth man was actually brought away alive and blindfolded. The area around Blarney Street, from where the men all came, was staunchly republican and many families had more than one member involved in the struggle.

# Daniel Crowley, aged 23. occupation plasterer, second son of Patrick and Elizabeth Crowley of 171 Blarney Street, survived by parents, brothers and sisters.
# William Deasy, aged 20, second son of William Deasy, Mount Desert, Blarney Road, survived by parents and brothers.
# Thomas Dennehy, aged 21, sixth son of Kate and the late Patrick Dennehy of 104 Blarney Street, survived by his mother, brothers and sister.
# Daniel Murphy, aged 24. occupation pig buyer, second son of the late Edward Murphy, Orrery Hill, off Blarney Street, survived by brothers and sisters.
# Jeremiah O'Mullane, aged 23, eldest son of Jeremiah and Nora O'Mullane, 237 Blarney Street, survived by parents, brother and sisters.
# Michael O'Sullivan, aged 20. eldest son of Stephen and Margaret O'Sullivan, 281 Blarney Street, survived by parents, brothers and sisters.

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