Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Cork 32 County Sovereignty Movement Harassed in the Occupied Six Counties

Quite recently members of the Cork 32csm traveled within the occupied six counties. The five members parked in a car park in a town and observed two suspicious black cars parked in the area observing them. It was not long before an unmarked car of the British occupational forces had pulled up to inspect the car along with another PSNI/RUC car who's Officers where heavily armed and on high alert. The PSNI/RUC began to ask the members what was there business in this part of the country as if it was suspicious for an Irish man to travel within his own country. After questioning the members of the 32csm the officers drove away leaving the members to there business. The 32csm members began then to drive to there meeting, stopping at a check point on the way. They where quite angry to see Irish people being taken out of their cars and degraded by the British crown forces as they where subject to Interrogation and searches. It was very clear the foreign police force where Intimidating Irish People as they asserted there dominance in everyday life.

The 32csm members then began to travel home. Once again seeing the Union jacks, Loyalist Flags, UVF and UDA flags flying high in the estates and on the roads. As they drove along a road they where told to pull over by an unmarked occupational forces car. They noticed this was the same gang of crown forces who had inspected them earlier. At the same time PSNI/RUC reinforcements had arrived once again heavily armed. The main officer approached the car and told the driver he was to be searched under section 44 of the terrorist act. It is quite shameful that Irish people cannot move within there own country without being harassed, intimidated and labeled terrorists by a totally foreign and Alien Goverment whose presence is totally illegal. The members where instructed to get out of their car and where throughly searched. After being searched they where interrogated as to what was there business traveling in the occupied six counties. One of the RUC/PSNI asked the member what was he planning to do for the evening, the member replied ''To go for a drive and admire our countryside'', the RUC/PSNI man replied ''Half of it anyway''. After the members where degraded in full public view, the car was searched. The 32csm members received a ''Copy of record of personal stop and search/ question vehicle search''. All the while armed PSNI/RUC covered the area quite nervous at the threat of Irish Resistance. Members of the 32csm watched very closely as the PSNI/RUC conducted there search tearing documents out of the car and throwing around the members belongings. The members of the 32csm where extra vigilant as the PSNI/RUC had already been caught planting evidence in 32csm members car in Derry.
Once the search was conducted the 32csm members got in their car and proceeded to drive home. However they where followed for quite some time by an unmarked PSNI/RUC car. The 32csm members where safely out of the shadow of the PSNI/RUC as they crossed the border. On closer inspection of their stop and search copies the two members in the front seats noticed that it stated ''Arrested : Yes , Object Found: Yes, Damage/Injury caused : Yes, clearly incriminating the members had done something wrong. The officers had clearly found nothing incriminating in the car and had no reason to think that the members of the 32csm where doing anything incriminating. After the small taste of British Harassment the 32csm members where truly disgusted at the bullying and constant intimidation by the armed occupational forces upon the Irish Population. The PSNI/RUC's name change has clearly not changed the manor of the crown forces as British foreign rule will always be foreign rule. In recent months the Irish people have been subjected to an ever increasing number of break-ins, arrests and intimidation by these uniformed thugs.

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