Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Garda 'disingenuous' Drugs Concern

32 County Sovereignty Movement

32CSM slam Garda’s ‘disingenuous’ concern over drugs issue.

The 32 CSM wish to contrast the actions of Garda Detectives and Special Branch in Cork city on 9/02/2010 and their complete lack of activity in dealing with the drugs issue in the city prior to their raids on republicans.

It is reported that up to 60 detectives raided the homes of republicans (including members of the 32CSM) across Cork city in response to the execution of a major drug dealer in the city by the IRA.

This show of strength by the state against republican separatists contrasts noticeably with the complete lack of any state presence in the area over a long period of time to deal with the issues that republicans had to address on behalf of the community.

The importation and distribution of hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine has been allowed to decimate working class communities across the city and indeed the nation yet it was only when republicans stepped in to defend those communities that the state started to show concern about the issue, this concern is disingenuous. The object of their concern is not the drugs issue but rather the issue of republicans growing and gaining further support in the area, this shameful behaviour by the state has not been lost on the people of Cork.

The antics by the Free State forces will not deter the republican movement in Cork from tackling the drugs issue alongside the community nor will it hamper the 32 County Sovereignty Movement’s work in articulating the republican position in Cork or anywhere else.


northernseanny said...

You degenerate scum are one of the main suppliers of drugs in Cork city and county.You recently shot that drug dealer because he wouldnt pay you thugs protection money.The drugs trade is a major problem but you dont have the right to murder drug dealers.What ever happened to the concept of innocent until proven guilty.That guy had every right to have his day in court,no matter about his past convictions.Its well known in the north,especially in north Armagh that dissidents and loyalists openly collude in the drugs trade.You people are just as big a threat to society as any drug dealers.Let the people of the north live in peace you third rate fascists.People voted for peace so accept that.You gypos are not republicans just criminal opportunists.I hope special branch and the gardai gave you druggie thugs a good kicking and hope the elite response unit blow you scumbags away.You fukin dregs in your tracksuits and celtic tops will never drive the brits out.Keep dreaming you fuckin muppets !!!!If you believe in a free and democratic Ireland then let this post onto your shite website.

James Larkin RFB said...

Solidarity against drugs and anti social behaviour from Scotland. All the best to Cork 32CSM. Beir Bua.

The Patriot said...

Fair play comrades dont listen to that bollocks tallking there northernseanny for he/she is probably a drugged up wino pay no heed yous are doing a fine job and keep at it beir bua up the IRA.