Friday, 19 March 2010

Garda Harassment Intensifies

Cork 32CSM 19/03/'10

Garda harassment of republicans in Cork city has intensified in recent weeks in response to the growth of the republican base in the county. Republicans are being followed as they collect their children from school, drop their partners or wives to work and the " Emergency Response Unit " is stopping and searching individuals in broad daylight. This is done at the behest of the Free State government as drug dealers, convicted paedophiles, rapists and car thiefs seem to operate freely at will with little or no intervention from the Gardai. These attempts to intimidate and criminalise republicans is no surprise as it is often republican actions that highlight the Free State forces failure to offer appropriate services to the public. This was the case recently when the I.R.A. executed an infamous convicted drug dealer following a host of complaints to them from the public who felt abandoned by the Gardai.

The most recent incident of harrasment occured on Thursday night 18-03-10, when members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement were out collecting on behalf of the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association which was well advertised on the collection boxes. Members of the Special Branch stopped the republicans, took their names and addresses and confiscated both boxes and money on the grounds that they were collecting for " an illegal organisation ". It is common knowledge that neither the I.R.P.W.A. nor the 32CSM are illegal on this island. This is further proof that the Gardai, who themselves are increasingly coming under scrutiny for corruption and crime, can abuse their power as their fears mount arising from the steps forward being taken nationwide by the Republican Movement.The Cork cumann of the 32CSM are dedicated to the republican cause and recent raids and harassment tactics have only strengthened our resolve and commitment.

We send solidarity greetings to our friend and comrade Gary Donnelly in Derry who successfully resisted attempts by Crown Forces and Security Agencies to crminalise him. We extend these greetings to all our imprisoned comrades and activists throughout the country.

Beir Bua

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