Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Banks Before People

In recent weeks the public have brought it to the attention of the Cork 32CSM, that the homeless and needy were all but abandoned by their government during our coldest winter in half a decade. We responded to this by starting a "food run" which involves members of the Cumann distributing food parcels to Corks homeless in the City. We have been astounded by the positive response from the recipients who are very greatful. Their stories are compelling and their concerns frightening. The 32CSM now call on our paid councilors to address this issue as a matter of urgency when they sit at their next meeting in the City Hall which is ironically very close to a well known gathering point for the homeless. Organisations such as the Simon Community carry out excellent work but due to the "recession" and the knock on effect of more people losing their homes, they find themselves overstretched and cannot cope with the numbers looking for accomodation each night. If any Supermarket, shop or business would like to contribute in any way to our campaign, we would ask them to contact us as at present our "food run" is being funded out of cumann members own pockets.
The Cork 32CSM will continue to use our influence wherever and whenever it can to contribute to our communities and strive to establish a better society.
Beir Bua.

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IAN said...

Fair play comrades. Good to see the 32CSM active on such issues.