Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Cork 32CSM Protest At British Warship

Last week the Cork 32CSM staged a 3 day protest at Cork harbour in response to the presence of a British warship. The general acceptance by the public to these visits was not unusual but several other things stood out as outrageous to Republicans.
The naval vessel enjoyed 24 hour protection from between 8-12 armed detectives and another 4-6 uniformed Garda, at the expense of the Free State tax payer. The Free State navy also patrolled the waters in a small vessel carrying 2-3 personnel wearing balaclavas but flying no tri-colour while the foreign vessel they were protecting had no qualms in flying Union Jacks and St. Georges cross!

Another incident also stood out and can only be described as appalling, where members of the 32CSM withnessed a Cork based detective sergeant board the British warship, shake hands with several crew members and spent nearly an hour socialising on the ship. The same detective is infamous for his harrasment and intimidation tactics on republicans and heads up a squad of detectives who call themselves " crime specialists". When a cumann member later informed him that his actions were a disgrace and that he should be ashamed, his reply was both honest and typical when he replied " I don't give a sh*t who pays me my few bob."

As if all this wasn't bad enough, a large Free-State naval vessel entered the harbour and the captain of this ship came out on deck and saluted the British vessel as it passed! A British sailor was then taken from the ship on Wednesday and brought to Cork District Court where he was charged with a vicious drunken assault on a female Garda the night before. This is the thanks they get for "protecting" the same sailor from a peacefull protest staged by republicans!

We have seen a concentrated effort in the Occupied 6 Counties by administrators of British rule to set in a "normalistaion" procedure but from what republicans withnessed in Cork last week it would appear their counter parts in the Free State are just as eager to follow suit.

Having said this, the 32 CSM in Cork are as determined as ever and will continue to be a thorn in the side of those who wish to collaborate with British armed forces and will continue to highlight the illegal presence of foreign forces on Irish soil.
The Cork 32CSM would also like to pay tribute to our comrades in Dublin who led from the front in protest at Tony Blair's book signing and ensured that he was left under no illusion that there is still very strong republican resistance on our island.
Beir Bua.

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