Saturday, 6 November 2010

IRA Statement

IRA Statement

The IRA's position regarding drug dealers is clear and our actions against them are motivated by the need to ensure the safety of the community.
These actions are welcomed by communities who are suffering at the hands of drug dealers.Recently, a number of newspapers have run stories claiming that the
IRA was involved in drugs and prostitution and that members of the Dublin Brigade had been stood down. The stories are lies.

Subsequently, the IRA sent a statement to the Irish Star Newspaper claiming responsibility for the execution of numerous drug dealers. The Star refused to carry the statement but instead carried statements from a Dublin drugs gang styling itself the "Criminal Action Force" which threatened republicans.

The Star newspaper was raided by the Free State Special Branch but nothing was reported in any newspaper. We invite people to analyse these facts for themselves and determine who benefits from this policy of censorship and misinformation.

Copy of IRA statement sent to the Star (below):


In Response to Recent Sensationalist Media Articles:

The leadership of the IRA wish to clarify our position on these claims: The IRA have never taken money from criminals and then allowed them to continue to operate, we have in fact relieved them of their finances and weaponry then closed down their operations. Allegations have been made that the IRA extorted a large amount of money from drug dealers and criminals. Anyone with evidence to support these claims should come forward immediately.

The leadership of the IRA have never sanctioned such actions and anyone using our name to tax drug dealers and criminals will be executed. In fact the only organisations in Ireland that take money from criminals and allows them to operate are state agencies, on both sides of the border, who take their assets and allow them to carry on their poison trade.

The IRA postion on drug dealers is clear, they deal death to our communities. We deal with them. Some examples are: Matthew Burns, Kieran Flynn, Jason Eagan, Colly Owens, Geradr Staunton, Kieran Doherty,and Sean Winters, among others.

To those who believe they can escape the reach of the republican movement, we have also executed drug dealers on the continent who believed they were safe, having fled the country. We have crippled, maimed and exiled numerous others.

Anyone caught up in the world of criminality, drug dealing, or issuing threats to republicans should come forward and admit their involvement now. Anyone who does not avail of this opportunity will face the inevitable consequences.

Those who wish to take on the republican movement should realise this. These parasites are members of a gang, the IRA are members of a disciplined army with experience of war.

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