Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cork 32CSM Condemn Cynical Arrests

32 County Sovereignty Movement
Press Release 19/01/11

Cork 32CSM Condemn Cynical Arrests

Cork 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemns the cynical operation targeting so called ‘dissident republicans’ in Cork City this morning. Following the new Garda Commissioner’s statement that his operational budget was being cut, and his assertion that funds would be available for specific operations, it is abundantly clear where his priorities lay. Tackling the scourge of drug dealing takes second place to harassing republicans who are fighting this scourge at the coalface.

Whilst their Fianna Fáil overseers are convulsed with internal backstabbing and ladder climbing these arrests in Cork provide a timely distraction from the farce in Leinster House. But just as the people are beginning to see the true, inept and corrupt nature of the political establishment we call on the people of Cork to see through these cynical arrests also. Our fight against the scourge of drugs will continue as will our fight for a united, sovereign Ireland and the creation of a body politic reflective of the true values of republicanism.

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Liam O Keeffe said...

its not he who can inflict the most, but he who can indure, tiocfaidh ar la