Tuesday, 4 October 2011

32CSM Activist Arrested

A 32CSM activist was arrested in Cork this morning. At 10.20am, on his way to work, he was accosted by three uniformed gardai on the pretence of carrying out a search of his person. After employing rough tactics during the search the activist was arrested for 'obstruction'. When placed in the squad car he remonstrated with the gardai wherein he was struck in the throat by the garda sergeant causing difficulty in breathing, all the while being handcuffed.

At the barracks another garda intervened to release his handcuffs having noticed the clear distress they were causing and the 'bluing' of his hands. He was then subject to a strip search before being released with severe bruising to his wrists. The same activist was subject to a previous assault by the armed response unit.

Cork 32CSM condemns outright this blatant political policing which we know is a direct response to our community activism against the scourge of drugs. That activism will continue irrespective of garda assaults and abuse of power against us.

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