Friday, 23 March 2012


The 32CSM is not surprised at the findings of the Mahon tribunal released this week. After 15 years and over 300 million euros of taxpayers money it has confirmed what everybody already knew, that there is systemic corruption in the political system of the 26 county state. Whilst Bertie Ahern and a number of others have been singled out as particularly shameful examples of corrupt and self serving politicians it is the system that allows them to flourish that must be put under scrutiny.

Bertie Ahern continues to receive a pension worth two and a half thousand euros a week from the Irish taxpayer. So do numerous cabinet ministers who presided over the disastrous period of economic ruin. They will not be brought before courts or made to answer for their crimes, the Free State will once again circle the wagons to protect its cronies.

We feel it is interesting that the extent of Mr Ahern's corruption is revealed as he was one of the much lauded architects of the Good Friday Agreement. Much like his friend Tony Blair his utter lack of principles marked the agreement they created. It is as morally bankrupt as the men who signed it. No doubt like any member of a quasi mafia like organisation Mr Ahern will now be punished for getting caught by Fianna Fail. However his actions are merely the tip of the iceberg. For those who claim there is a constitutional path to a United Ireland we say it leads only to sell-out and corruption. We stand for a new Ireland, Socialist and free.

Beir Bua

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