Monday, 12 November 2012

IRA claims the execution of Prison warden.

In a statment to a number of media outlets the IRA said: “On Thursday, 1st of November, 2012, an active service unit of the IRA executed prison guard David Black. “While the IRA never takes this type of action lightly, the IRA has a responsibility to protect and defend republican POWs. “This action was in direct response to the torture and degradation of POWs held in Maghaberry. “The issues that led to the IRA taking action might have been avoided if his ‘superiors’ had honoured the agreement they signed with prisoners in August 2010.” “Rather than showing the leadership necessary to resolve the protest in Maghaberry they continue to play politics with the lives of republican POWs and indeed their own guards and PCOs. “Similarly, the charade of hypocritical condemnation from the local political classes does nothing to resolve the issues created by their inactions.”

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