Monday, 10 December 2012

British intelligence network exposed in Cork!

During this Saturdays anti cutbacks march (8/12/12) the Cork 32CSM reported a plain clothes man taking a constant stream of photos of 32CSM activists. When it became apparent that he took photos only of the 32CSM activists, we noticed a radio in his jeans. When this man was confronted he replied in an English accent and denied claims that he was intentionally gathering information on 32CSM activists. Yet this man stood by lines of Gardai aftewards and continued to take photos. It has now been revealed that the man in question is a member of a British surveilence and intelligence gathering unit operating in Cork. The man in question is one member of a five person team and despite they are a british intelligence organisation they are operating in the juristiction of the Free state. We urge republicans to be extra vigilant as you conduct your day to day bussiness as both governments are stepping up their actions against republicans and are colluding together to reach this end. Beir Bua!


Anonymous said...

yeah and the ass hole went on to 96fm to moan about his pictures...u r never happy

Anonymous said...
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