Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cork 32CSM statement on the Free state budget.

The measures in the Free states recent budget come as no surprise as once again the ordinary people in the 26 counties are held to random by political profiteers under the direction of there masters in the troika. The reduction of children's benefit, the 0.18 tax on peoples homes and other draconian measures serve not to create employment and to stimulate the economy, but to bleed the working class dry. While the nation suffers under economic tyranny, we sit on 420,000,000,000 worth of natural resources which will no doubt come under the control of SHELL. While single mothers are forced to go without essential day to day items, the wealthy in society remain almost unscathed. While desperate financial support for charities, homeless shelters and suicide support centres are being removed, huge corporations reap massive profits and pay little tax. We in the 32 county sovereignty movement remain consistent in our views, the problem is not simply the household charge, water charges or any other measure introduced. While it is certainly important to challenge these, they are symptoms of a much bigger problem, defeating water charges and household charges will merely force the government to remove money from other areas of the economy. The problem is not the corrupt government or incompetent practices, the problem is Capitalism. While the 32CSM will continue to fight austerity in all its forms, we recognize the only solution lies in a democratic socialist republic. We ask that you not simply occupy Dame street, Patrick street or any other such street. Organise within and empower your community, that is where the revolution begins. Beir Bua!

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