Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sinister development as Cork 32CSM oppose cutbacks.

The 32CSM attended todays march in opposition of severe cutbacks in the latest free state budget. However in a sinister development 32CSM activists noticed a man in plain clothes attempting to blend in with the march while taking many photographs of the 32CSM activists. When it became apparent that he took no other photographs besides ones of the 32CSM members we observed this man and noticed he had a radio in his Jeans. When approched as to the mans suspicious intentions he replied in an English accent and denied he was undercover until he was caught out under questioning. After it became apparent he later joined the ranks of the Gardai present at the march. We in the 32CSM regularly are monitored by members of the Free state special branch, however this time the mans accent and his kneen interest in the 32CSM suggest a more sinister development especially as we have witnessed in recent weeks and months a surge in harrassment directed at republicans on both sides of the border. Beir Bua!

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