Saturday, 15 December 2012

Special branch try to recruit a Cork 32CSM member.

Last week a member of the 32CSM was deliberately stopped and questioned by members of the Special Branch who inspected his van. The 32CSM member was not in possession of his log book but had explained he had sent away for one and had the relevant documentation to prove this. Despite this members of the emergency response unit were called to the scene and confiscated the 32CSM members Van. During t
he week the 32CSM member went to collect his van as his logbook was proven to have been sent away for, yet he was told he would not receive it without paying 800 euro. When he explained he was not obliged to pay 800 euro as they had wrongly confiscated his van, the 32CSM member was then asked for information on 32CSM members in exchange for them releasing his van by the most senior special detective in Cork. The 32CSM utterly condemn this type of behaviour and this attempt to recruit an informer. The 32CSM are a legal and democratic political organization and we engage with members of the public daily, we have nothing to hide. Beir Bua!

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