Sunday, 27 January 2013

Republicans before the courts for protesting. (Update).

Three months ago ten Cork republicans were brought before the courts in relation to a white line picket held in support of Irish republican political prisoners which was held two months previously. They were before the courts on two counts of "disrupting traffic", despite being on the white line and causing no obstructions. Tomorrow the case is set to come to its conclusion and while the possible penalty is minimal, its significance in regards the right of the people to protest is important for all political activists. It is obvious these charges are politically motivated and intended to deter democratic political opposition to internment, torture, British injustice and human rights abuses that are rampant within the occupied six counties and prisons where political prisoners and internees are held captive. These charges are significant also for all people who wish to exercise the democratic right to peaceful protest and call into question the supposed "democratic" nature of the Southern state. We in the 32 county sovereignty movement will always defend the peoples right to democratic opposition, especially in regards to the criminal enterprise which is the southern government and the illegal occupation in the six counties of Ulster. These measures or any which the southern state can contrive, will never deter Republicans and Socialists. We will continue to highlight injustice from all quarters and we will not be intimidated.

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