Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cork 32CSM oppose austerity measures. 09/02/2013

The Cork 32 county sovereignty movement attended yesterdays demonstration in opposition of the governments austerity measures which amount to nothing more than state sponsored extortion to the detrement of the Irish people. We would like to commend the long standing efforts of those in the campaign against household and water taxes. While they have consistently organised and campaigned against the corrupt politicians , yesterdays demonstration on Cork featured the well paid union leaders who have remained silent all along rattle there sabres in front of the television cameras.
While the anger and frustration of the people is plain to see, we call on the people to come together and help create a serious alternative and a long term solution to the root causes of poverty, inequality and corruption in Ireland. The causes of this current crisis are abundantly clear, yet the way forward for the Irish people is not. We must not simply lay blame on Fianna gael, Fianna Fail, labour and other parties in the southern government for these parties are all a part of the same problem. As long as Capitalism remains in Ireland, no party will deliver us from the current and future crisis's we face and may yet have to face. For Irish republican socialists the way forward is clear, the destruction of capitalism in Ireland, and to replace the failed southern and northern governments with a united democratic socialist republic where the people alone will democratically decide the future of Ireland free from forgien interference and domestic corruption. Beir Bua!

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