Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The 32 county sovereignty movements position on the border poll.

The ongoing soundbites regarding a referendum/ border poll is typical of Home rule mentality that chooses to misrepresent the true analysis of our country's past and why conflict is a reality of that misrepresentation, combined with a British government which refuses to allow the issue of sovereignty to be discussed.Irish national sovereignty is the issue and the violation of it has and continues to be the source of conflict. The question arises why would any Irish republican seek a referendum when the facts are that the British government's claim to sovereignty in the occupied six counties is illegal? The Irish nation as espoused in the 1916 Proclamation and ratified by the Irish people in the 1918 election resulting in the Declaration of Independence upheld Irish national sovereignty. Since the partition of Ireland the sovereignty of the Irish people has been violated throughout the use of and threat of force. The issue of the Union flag and the violence that followed is typical example of unionism/ loyalism attempting to defend an illegal British claim. Every act of illegality, from the latest in 1998, is easily traced back. Therefore it is important that when addressing the issue an accurate analysis is carried out so that any action is based on defending sovereignty. Republicans do not need a referendum to establish our sovereignty. Rather it is for the British government to either relinquish their illegal sovereign claim or submit to a legal challenge under international law.



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