Sunday, 31 March 2013

Cork 32 county sovereignty movement Easter commemoration 2013

The Cork 32 county sovereignty movement held our 2013 Easter commemoration, one of many which take place throughout Ireland to mark the Easter rebellion of 1916 and to remember all those who gave their lives for Irish freedom. We would like to thank all those who endured the tough weather conditions to ensure that a fitting tribute was made to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We would also like to highlight the presence of the southern governments political police who were present as usual, in the form of the armed response unit, a Police van, between four and five special branch cars, an undercover special branch vehicle as well as a number of uniformed Gardai. Members of the crowd were subject to harassment in the graveyard as Gardai took their details, photos and misinformed them that they were participating in an illegal gathering, this harassment continued even during the minute silence held for Irish patriots. The 32CSM condemns these petty bully boy tactics employed by the hired thugs of the free state. It is not a crime to commemorate Irish republicans who gave their lives for Irish freedom and we will never be deterred. Beir Bua!

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