Friday, 19 April 2013

No welcome for Fianna Gael!

The Cork 32 county sovereignty movement attended today's protest organsied by the CAWHT (campaign against water charges and household tax) against the visit of Fine Gael politician Phil Hogan to the University college of Cork. The protest was in opposition to Fine Gaels savage anti working class policies which amount to nothing more than state sponsored extortion of the people. Despite threats by the Gardai of fines for handing out leaflets, and attempts to keep protesters away, activists remained vocal and refused to move. Mr Hogan refused to leave the building and take part in the flag raising ceremony he was to take part in and instead refused to face the people and scurried away claiming he had to leave for 'security reasons'. Activists themselves raised the flag and claimed a victory over the Free state government. Beir Bua!

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