Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cork 32CSM member attacked by the Rapid Response Unit.

The Cork 32 county sovereignty movement condemn the assault on one of its members at the hands of the Gardaí’s rapid response unit whilst he was at work. The man who has worked as a security guard at a pharmacy for the past four years was set upon after the republican glanced at them as they passed in their car. They exited the car and slammed the man into the ground in front of many witnesses and handcuffed him before releasing him a few minutes later. The man suffered a neck injury and an injured hand in the attack. The RRU has become infamous for its cowardly attacks on Republicans in the past 2 years. Their behavior comes as no surprise as they carry on like nothing more than an armed gang than a so called police force. Their bully boy tactics only strengthens our resolve as the Republican base continues to go from strength to strength in Cork City. Beir Bua!

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