Friday, 14 June 2013

Cork I.R.A statement.

The Cork 32 County Sovereignty Movement were contacted anonymously by the I.R.A. using a recognized codeword with the following statement

" Last night Thursday the 13th of June 2013, the Cork Brigade of the I.R.A. carried out a punishment shooting in the Dublin Hill/Ballyvolane area known as "The Long Lane". The man who has served time in Portlaoise prison for I.R.A. membership but subsequently acquitted, moved to Dublin on his release. In recent times he has returned to his native Cork. He has been reffered to in the press as " The Beast ". He was shot in the leg for his unrepublican conduct. STATEMENT ENDS.


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Saen Okelly said...

Anyway to bring the Contos into the mix?

A lot of the base in the movement want more military operations, technical capabilities and this is something the (New) IRA could definitely provide.

They also provide the legitimacy angle that attracts a lot of the old guard and the self-educated youth.

Would help in providing a strong ideological background while possibly enhancing the operational abilities due to the international support the other side has links too.

Plus the international scene is always looking for unity and could be a big turn in the support from that side.