Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The ongoing Neglect and Torture inflicted on Gary McDaid.

The ongoing Neglect and Torture inflicted on Gary McDaid

It has been brought to the attention of the IRPWA that Gary McDaid is suffering a debilitating illness within the walls of MagHaberry but has been informed by the authorities that he will not be receiving treatment as he is not a sentenced prisoner.
Gary suffers from a serious form of Glaucoma and there is a genetic family history of this disease which has led to family members suffering complete blindness.
The optician who was able to gain access to examine him stated that he had not seen such a rapid regression in one so young and without treatment, could lead to Gary losing his sight.His feet have also swollen to such an extent, he can't put on shoes.
Last week saw charges against Gary for wrecking his cell. Any and all personal artifacts were removed including photographs of his children.
Gary is and has been on dirty protest as a result of the sectarian authorities within the gaol granting MI5 free reign to his cell to make approaches and mentally torture him.
He is existing in his own waste in solitary confinement with Loyalist prisoners being given access to bang on his cell door and shout threats consistently and this all appears to be part of a greater agenda by shadowy British crown forces to exert pressure on him through this form of torture.
His existence, ill, in a bare holding cell with a one inch rubber mattress and living with the stench and health implications through his protest, some would have you think had been consigned to history.
This is reality in 2013. This is British torture on Irish soil and typifies the age old disregard towards human rights for those not beholden to the British crown.
Help end the neglect in MagHaberry..Help highlight the ongoing injustices by a cruel British torture regime and those who back them.

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