Friday, 2 August 2013

Gardai harrassment of republicans on the rise in Cork.

The pictures below show a 32 county sovereignty member being subjected to the usual routine harassment today by the Gardai special branch.In typical fashion the special branch openly took pictures and followed the 32CSM member while he went about his daily business in a clear case of intimidation. This highlights the thuggish tactics of the 'political police' who represent nothing more than today's version of the 'broy harriers'. Gardai harassment against republicans is on the rise in Cork and recent weeks and months have witnessed rapid response members attack 32CSM members at their place of work, as well as a number of unprovoked attacks on 32CSM members which saw them viciously assaulted and pepper sprayed. At a recent commemoration held by the 32CSM in the city, members of the Gardai driving a Garda van attempted to drive through the procession and disrupt the commemoration. All of these cases represent a concerted campaign by the Gardai to discourage the growing republican movement in the city. The 32CSM condemns once again attempts to criminalize and intimidate republicans, it is not illegal nor a criminal offense to be a republican and all attempts to portray us as such will fail. Beir Bua!

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