Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Provisional Sinn Fein endorses partition!

The call by Provisional Sinn Fein to recognise Northern Ireland as an entity exposes again the contradiction in their position regarding the legality of Irish National Sovereignty.

If the Irish people uphold and recognise the sentiments of the 1916 Proclamation which was ratified by the people in 1918 resulting in the Declaration of Independence, then there is no such state or entity as Northern Ireland.

Following imposed partition Northern Ireland was used by the British Government to express and identify their illegal sovereign British territory.

The Irish Nation is made up of four Provinces and those living in the occupied territory live in a nine county Ulster.

Following the illegal referendum in 1998 PSF stated it was not an act of self determination and stated their quest for complete independence would continue, however the contradiction in their position is now again exposed by recognising the entity of Northern Ireland and by administering British Rule in that illegal entity.

Their republican credentials are being further weakened and diluted as the British Government with their Unionist allies reinforce the British Governments position.

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