Friday, 14 March 2014

I.R.A statement on Maghaberry situation.

Irish Republican Army Statement. Maghaberry situation

In November 2012, Republican Prisoners on Roe 4 took a conscious decision to come off protest. This was in order to create an envisaged conflict free environment within Maghaberry. This was also to create space to positively deal with outstanding issues.

However, the Prison Authorities, from senior management to landing staff on the wings in Roe House have continually placed obstacles in the way of meaningful progress.

This past week the I.R.A. sent packages addressed to two prison staff that appear to take a particular enjoyment from inflicting harm on Republican P.O.W’s. these named individuals must be removed from Roe House immediately or face direct action either inside or outside the Gaol. In the recent past we have demonstrated our ability to target and execute prison staff when necessary.

The main causes of conflict on the Republican Landings in Roe House are well known and documented. These include forced strip searches, controlled movement and forced isolation. These are all issues that could be easily resolved by the British/Gaol administration. The August 2010 Agreement and several subsequent independent reports should be used as frameworks to create the conflict free environment envisaged by the P.O.W’s.

The leadership of the IRA has remained silent in recent months regarding the Maghaberry crisis in order to allow room for resolution. However, now is the time to speak directly to those responsible for the degradation and torture of Republican prisoners. The execution of David Black was a warning to prison staff, a warning that has not been heeded. The further death of prison staff is an inevitability should the Maghaberry situation not be resolved. The IRA has the intelligence, capability, weaponry and volunteers at its disposal to take further actions against prison service staff and management. We will not be found wanting in that regard. The responsibility for further armed actions by the IRA will rest with those who have failed to constructively deal with the issues that are causing conflict within the Gaol.

The IRA will continue to monitor progress on the resolution of the crisis in Roe House, and will act accordingly outside the Gaol with no further notice or warnings.


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